Friday, July 5, 2013

And She Fell in Love.....(5)

Next day ,everything was fine a normal. She disclosed her restaurant ,customers were coming but there was something which was missed perhaps Mr. George.

" No, She would not think about petty man. He was punish worthy" she thought herself.

 After massive day work she was going to sleep but she could not .

"Why! Why did that man do it all. what`s hidden reason may be ?" these thoughts were troubling her a lot.

 The following day, she came to her work. Her uncle - Aunty came that day. They admired her for this daring step as she had done. They were very happy after seeing much progress of Julia.

Uncle - "Daughter, You have made extensive adverts for your restaurant."
(These lines reminded her the memory of George )

Julia - "Yeah ! But what did you see?"

Uncle - "Posters, Banner , Wall advert painting and few ones also praising your restaurant."

Julia  - "Thanks Uncle"

Uncle - "We proud of you ! Daughter , Keep it on"

After a short conversation , They went away and left few questions in her mind. Some days later she had been noticed one thing that George had neglected her restaurant completely. One day she asked one of his friend who often came in her restaurant.
Julia - "Hope you know George?"
Tom(Friend of George) - "Yeah ! He is my friend. What a nice man he is !"
Julia -"Is he out of city?"
Tom - "No, Sorry to say but he is in hospital."
Julia - "In hospital? When? How? What happened to him? I had seen him quite well."
Tom - "As I know he is suffering from any disease."
Julia - "Which disease?"
Tom - "Have no idea."
Julia - "Who is looking after him? any kith and kin or girlfriend ?"
Tom - "He is alone."
(Tom went from there after taking his lunch.)

Julia felt a bit sad. At evening she shared this occurrence with her friends. They advised her that she ought to visit George at least one time because he is in misery she should not neglect him rudely. He made great contribution in the promotion of her restaurant.

                                                                       ........ rest part will come soon so keep in touch  :) 

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