Sunday, May 26, 2013

Believe Yourself

Hello friends, after a short passage of  time I am back again. Yesterday, My friend was very upset and don't wanted to talk anybody. I met him (as I usually do) asked him but he told nothing. He was my close friend so I insisted , Ultimately he told me 'He loves a girl but unable to say even a single word when he stands in front of her' I told him if he had tried, he answered in negative.I think he was confused would she like him or not.
              I gave him an Idea to go for a short drive and try to make out her heart feelings (even take intrest in her boring talks.) Make her sure that you are understanding her as none can. he did as so nevertheless my friend could not proposed her. 
             One day , I went to his house to ask his well-being.He was very happy and started twittering after seeing me. I asked him,"what happened ,buddy?". he answered,"Today, we were talking about class matter. Conversation was almost finished. she gave me a packet, smiled, went away. I could not understand that time. At home, when I opened packet ,got twinkling heart with proposal note ." I smiled and told nothing.(what a lovely ending...  :) )

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