Sunday, June 30, 2013

And She Fell in Love .........(3)

Father - "No daughter,It`s reality. Our committee has decided to help you after knowing your problems."
Julia - "But father , I am not in this condition that i shall pay this money back."
Father - "No need to pay back. Take it as God`s blessing ."

(Father did not tell her that this money was given by George and he is helping her indirectly.)

Julia returned back to her house. Now, relief was on her face. She decided to pay his money back.On following day she gave his money back with a warning 'Don`t try to help me. I know what type of man you are !'. George smiled and said nothing because he liked her innocence nature and way of scolding every time.

She started working in restaurant as waitress.she was doing her job very well. She was learning everything very quickly. She was getting much tip for her services.

Once , she was dealing with a customer but he was giving an order in rude way, she told her to talk gently but started talking obscene. It was enough for Julia , she slapped him and went away. Having red face, that man went to owner and made complain against her. Julia explained whole occurrence nevertheless Julia was fired. Owner was not listening any argument.

It was bolt from blue to her again. She was guessing about solution. All of a sudden, she got an idea. She will open her own restaurant. She knew every thing about this business but she have n`t proper money to start it.

She shared this idea with their friends, they also supported. when she told them how much money this idea needed . They all kept silent because none has as money as it was needed. Julia decided to take loan from bank. She did all formalities finally loan of $20,000 was passed. She chose her house for this project.

It was monday, a lovely morning, Every thing was ready, she was waiting for her first customer. George was going somewhere, Aww he was amazed , he saw a newly opened restaurant. He decided to take his lunch there.

He opened door. Now both were surprised.
Julia - "You are here ? What are you doing here ?"
George - "Sorry, But I came here to take lunch ! Have I done something wrong ?"
Julia - "Ok, What do you like to take?"
George -"Escargots"
Julia -"There is a scheme also. Would you prefer that ?"
George - "Yeah ! I will but ask me humbly , please"

He made her angry nevertheless she fulfilled his order.

George - "Nice service"
Julia - "No need to say !"

George smiled and went away on his job. He often came there and took lunch to tease her. she served him unwillingly.

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